A2Z No BS: Episode 4

Wrapping up our first month of podcasts, we turn the lens on ourselves and our colleagues in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness industry. As coaches, we often talk about strength training, eating our fruits and veggies, getting eight hours of sleep, and so on. But this lifestyle isn’t who we are 100% of the time – we’re human, too, and often enjoy beer and pizza. Zack and I wrestle with the “image” we put forth both as fitness professionals and as real human beings on our social media. We discuss the “exception to the rules” in that, yes, we enjoy beer and pizza, but those nights out are just sprinkles on the otherwise healthy fitness and nutrition cake. We train hard, we eat nutritiously, and we do a lot of the boring but effective things well, and we point the finger at Fitpros who show only the highlight reels. We discuss what it means to sell yourself as a coach without selling out and the curse of the “sponsor daddy.” And we debate ethics and the dangers of compromising when you align yourself with certain products and companies. Enjoy!

A2Z No BS: Episode 4

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