A2Z No BS Episode 11: Effective Communication between Coach and Client, and the stakes of sharing your work.

Hello and good morning! Zack and I are back and this week we kick things off by talking about communication. It comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that I have the gift of gab. While I spend most of my days hanging out with clients in the gym, Zack does things a bit differently in the online coaching world. Today, we discuss our similarities and differences when it comes to effective communication in our respective arenas to ensure our clients are well served and that their wants, needs, and goals don’t go unattended. I even share a trainwreck of a communication breakdown that I once had with a client. And finally, we both discuss how we communicate with the outside world: whether that’s long form writing that I’ve published, or Zack’s online presence with Instagram or YouTube, and what we hope to accomplish by putting our work out there for everyone to see. Enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep. 11

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