The Gym

Andy Van Strength and Conditioning has a home!

In October 2021, after years of coaching all over Nashville and serving hundreds of clients, I finally opened my first gym. What’s important here isn’t the equipment or the space, but the community and the culture we’re nurturing within these walls.

AVSC would be nothing without the people who spend their time here. Whether you’re new to weight training or have years under your belt, this is an environment in which you can excel and have a great time doing it. Serious fitness with a not-so-serious coach.

Located at 850 Hillwood Boulevard in Nashville, Tennessee, AVSC is home to clients of all ages and abilities. So if you’re looking to burn fat, build new muscle, or learn how to lift weights safely for the first time, I’ve got your back. Come check us out anytime or call me at 615-804-8250 and we can talk about you, your goals, and how AVSC can help.

Take a look around, contact me, or pop in anytime!