A2Z No BS: Episode 5

We’re back! This week, Zack and I welcome Erin, our first guest to co-host A2Z as we talk about exercise programming and training. Erin is a Nashville-based Physical Therapist who works with patients of all types and abilities, from desk-jockies to professional athletes. Today, she shares her experience and thoughts about assessing a patient, understanding their goals and needs, finding some common ground to help with “buy-in,” and how she can safely and effectively get them back to doing what they love. Next, while we all love to lift big weights, we each have different backgrounds and experiences that shape how our programs and workouts are written, how they flow, and how they progress, and we discuss those contrasts. Finally, we invite Erin to discuss training men vs. women, and some of the similarities and differences we commonly find when working with each.

A2Z No BS: Episode 5

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