A2Z No BS Episode 12: Karma is a Bitch

Good afternoon and welcome back! As you know by now, Zack had a skiing accident a few weeks back, shattering his leg and rendering him somewhat immobile. To help ease his spirits about it, I gave him as much shit as possible about it! All in good fun I couldn’t let an opportunity to dog him go to waste, so I constantly talked about how little his leg would get; how much mass he was going to lose; in essence, how I was going to get a leg up on the competition and take this time to get stronger and more jacked than him. And Karma struck back with vengeance. The universe thought that I had made a mockery of his injury for far too long and decided to take me out. Only a few weeks after his accident, I sustained my own: I tore my right bicep while deadlifting in the gym. Where your bicep meets your elbow is where my bicep decided to tear away. As of this writing, I’m one week post-op from repair, and I’ve started my first of many months of rehab. So please share our pain as we each are 3/4 capable, and between the two of us make a mostly strong, fairly fit, single man. In today’s episode, we talk about the injuries, how we’re dealing with them, and what our modified workouts will look like for the next few months. Sit back and enjoy in today’s first installment of the Bang Bros Network Broken Bros Podcast.

A2Z No BS: Episode 12

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