A2Z No BS Episode 13: Injury and Return to Play and Conquering the Core, featuring Travis Pollen, PhD

Good morning and welcome back! This week Zack and I host Travis Pollen, a good friend of mine and PhD in Health in Rehabilitation Sciences, coach, author, professor, and record holder in Paralympic swimming. He is as impressive as he is handsome ;). This week, the three of us talk about bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, something that Zack and I are experiencing first hand as we recover from our respective injuries. As coaches, we sometimes encounter speed bumps with our clients when it comes to acute or chronic injuries, and we often need to modify our programming to help keep our clients happy, healthy, and pain free, so we each discuss how that might look in our respective environments: me as a primarily face-to-face coach, and Zack and Travis as online coaches. We discuss the many benefits of regular training both before and after injury or surgery, and the positive outcomes of doing so. Injuries happen, and often we can work around them, but sometimes we have to refer out. We discuss the how’s, when’s, and why’s of doing so. Lastly, with beach season around the corner, we all have core training on the mind. We invite Travis to discuss his views on core training, what he likes to do, and how that might have evolved over the years, and we compare our respective views as coaches on how we approach core training with our clients. Enjoy!

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