A2Z No BS Episode 23: #AndysEats and the pursuit of Mastery

Good morning and welcome back! Zack and I are back at Bold Patriot Brewing this week talking about training, cooking, and beer drinking. This week we introduce a new segment we’re calling Andy’s Eats, where I discuss some of the bomb-ass meals I’ve been cooking at home and how they’ve turned out. Speaking of cooking, I like to follow a recipe for a number of reasons, but after awhile I’ll start to tweak things here and there to put my own spin on it. Zack and I recognize that there are parallels with training and coaching: first you need to know the rules before you can start to bend or break them. Once you’ve cooked a handful of delicious recipes (or crushed a few workouts from your coach) then you start to learn the ins and outs and where you can put your own spin on things. There’s a process, and once you know the process then you can start to tweak here and there to make it uniquely your own. The first step, however, is to start: take those first steps and after many hours under the bar or in the kitchen you’ll find that you’re well on your way to mastery. Grab a beer and enjoy!

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