A2Z No BS Episode 24: Spicy Shrimp on #AndysEats and 10,000 Hours

Good morning and welcome back! Zack and I check in back at Bold Patriot brewing with our special guest, train! And by train, we mean literal train. But that didn’t stop us from talking shop. Zack tells us about divin’ into last week’s #AndysEats with his Peach Chicken recipe, while I share my new recipe of the week: Spicy Shrimp over lemon basil Orzo. It was bomb-diggity. Next, we’re talking training: and by training, I mean the thousands of hours Zack and I have put into honing our craft as coaches. This long resume and history of in-the-trenches work will come in handy this fall when I (drumroll please) open my very first fitness studio. That’s right, AVSC will be moving into a brick and mortar space, and I’m excited to tell everyone about my plans. Grab a beer and enjoy with us!

A2Z No BS Ep 24

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