A2Z No BS Episode 22: Arousal, Performance, and Exercises that make us Think Twice

Good morning! This week, Zack and I are enjoying the sunshine, talking fitness, and cracking beers at East Nashville Beer Works. We start today with a little sports psychology: what is “arousal” and how does it affect performance? What does it mean to be under-aroused when playing sports or lifting weights? How about over-aroused? When it comes to sport or lifting you can’t come in flat, but you don’t have to sniff salts and take Jack3D to perform well, and being over-aroused might even hinder performance. Next, we all have those exercises that make us nervous…maybe a little tepid, or consider the tightness of our you-know-what. There are many safe exercises and applications, but each of us has one or two that might not agree with us or that we just don’t like, and we discuss why. Lastly, every exercise comes with a set of pros and cons, and sometimes an exercise’s juice ain’t worth the squeeze. If we want to get jacked and tan (or if our clients wanna get jacked and tan) then we as coaches need to be well-versed in all things exercise but also know when an exercise is worth the effort. Or if we have better, faster, and safer alternatives that achieve the same results, when to deploy those instead. Grab a beer and enjoy!

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