A2Z No BS Episode 56: Wim Hof Ice Baths and Flirting with Uncomfortable

Good morning and welcome back! Zack and I are enjoying some delicious oatmeal stouts courtesy of Czann’s Brewing in the Nations. Has the thought ever crossed your mind to take an ice bath and, like a crazy person, actually enjoy doing it? Yeah, me neither. But over the weekend a Wim Hof seminar popped up here in Nashville and Zack was all about diving right in and learning not only to embrace the cold, but endure and (maybe, possibly) enjoy it a little. At the very least, the experience was a challenging one – one that tests your mettle and comfort levels. Which got us talking about all the ways in which we make our lives comfortable, and how, when, and why we might push those boundaries on occasion. If you’re always comfortable, there is no challenge, and there is no growth. Grab a ice cold beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep. 56

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