A2Z No BS Episode 65: Legendary Dan John on Life Lessons Learned through Training, Finding your North Star, and Advice for the Novice Coach

Good morning and welcome back to the show! Today we have a very special guest and someone Zack and I admire as a coach, educator, and author: Dan John. Dan has been coaching athletes and adults for decades, and has amassed a following for his simple but super effective style of training. In the decade or so that I’ve been coaching clients and athletes I have referred to his work on many occasions as a way to “center” my coaching, keep things simple, and drive amazing results. Dan has had an immense impact on the fitness industry and has inspired thousands of coaches and athletes. Today he sits with us to discuss the lessons learned through training around injury; finding your “north star” as an athlete; and advice for the novice coach, the seasoned coach, and the veteran coach. We had a blast talking with him and hope to do it again soon. Grab a beer and enjoy!

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