A2Z No BS Episode 70: Free Falling with Acro-Mutant Dustin Del Rio

Good morning and welcome back! Today, Zack and I invite a special guest and Nashville’s go-to Calisthenics guru and Acro-mutant Dustin Del Rio to the show! Dustin and I met a few years back when he had just opened his first gym, and ever since, he’s taken his expertise in strength and conditioning and honed it in the acrobatics world. When he’s not helping regular folks learn to do their first handstand, Dustin is practicing feats of strength that don’t include a barbell or kettlebell, but rather another human being. As a base, he can hold, flip, and balance a partner in a matter of all kinds of cool acrobatic tricks. Today, we learn about Dustin’s training history, how he got into acrobatics, what he’s learned and how he’s applied his background in kinesiology to improve his athleticism and skillset. We had a blast with him on the show, so grab a beer and enjoy!

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