A2Z No BS Episode 84: Sloths and Tortoises

Good morning and welcome back! Today, Zack and I are pondering the “what ifs” when it comes to the business of fitness: what could we do, where could we go, and how could our businesses and our skillsets set us apart professionally in the future? After all these years of coaching and training, what could the later years of our lives look like in the world of fitness? Next, we sometimes deal with low back pain after hard training. Whether that’s with deadlifts, squats, or otherwise, you’re probably going to experience a little low back soreness from time to time if you’re training hard like us. We talk about our own experience and how we’ve dealt with it, worked around it, and some of the other changes we’ve made in our training. And lastly, we discuss our pushup progression for those who have difficulty with pushups from the floor, how we work on them, and how we could help you get your first floor pushup. Grab a beer and enjoy!

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