A2Z No BS Episode 91: Optimal Training under Sub-optimal Conditions

Good morning and welcome back! You might have noticed that we were gone for a few weeks and that’s because my wife and I had a baby! Our baby girl was born on October 24th, and we are over the moon. So I’ve been learning how to be a first-time dad and Zack was gracious to give me a few weeks to recover. Today, we’re back at East Nashville Brew Works and talking about training. As coaches we often talk about training, workouts, and programs sort of in a vacuum: where real world conditions don’t apply. Obviously, lots of factors play into our day-to-day success in and out of the gym. Family, work, stress, weather, lack of sleep, bad nutrition…you name it. These things play a role in how well we perform and recover. So how do you organize and optimize your training and nutrition when life isn’t optimal? Grab a beer, tune in, and enjoy!

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