A2Z No BS Episode 15: Pitfalls of Group Fitness; McDonald’s vs Ribeyes; the future of Fitness

Hey, y’all! Zack and I are back at our new favorite watering hole and ready to shake down some fitness topics. One of my first jobs here in Nashville was working for a popular group fitness franchise, and I while I think it (and many other fitness offerings in the market) have a lot of great stuff to offer clients, it lacks in a few keys features, and we discuss the pros and cons of these businesses. Zack and I agree on one key feature about gyms and fitness centers: the “big E.” Coffee shops and expensive steak houses exist despite the public at large being able to provide these things in their own home. But why? We discuss the “big E” in question and whether or not the fitness industry is fundamentally FUBARed in a peri- or post-COVID world. Will public gyms die off in favor of in-home training options like home gyms, Peloton, and the like? Zack and I discuss our views on the future of fitness. Grab a beer and enjoy.

A2Z No BS Ep 15

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