A2Z No BS Episode 26: Defining our Goals as we get Older and Ruffling some Feathers

Good morning and welcome back to A2Z! This week Zack and I are tuning in from my dining room table, escaping the heat and enjoying the company of my dog, Jane. This week we’re talking about goals: Zack turned 33 this past week, and as we get older we ask the question “what do goals look like for each of us as we get older?” In other words, how do we define our goals? How do we measure progress? Are the traditional tools and metrics from the past work well for us as we get older and wiser as trainees and coaches? Next, we ruffle some feathers talking about nutrition and trying things that make us uncomfortable. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 26
#AndysEats feature: Bolognese

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