A2Z No BS Episode 30: Featuring Alexis Bakalakos on HAES and TIWL

Good morning and welcome to our 30th Episode! We’ve reached a milestone and this week we’re happy to introduce our guest, Alexis Bakalakos. Alexis is a physical therapy student, powerlifter, and new coach, and this week we’re talking about training. Alexis started training about three years ago, making her a relative newbie to the lifting game and exactly the kind of voice we’ve needed on the podcast for a fresh perspective. We chat about how it started vs. how it’s going for her squats and deadlifts, and she enlightens us on her experiences as a female trainee in a male-dominated gym environment. Zack and I both being men and long past our novice training years, there are things we just don’t notice or bullshit we don’t deal with that new trainees or female trainees endure, and it was refreshing to hear her take on it. This ties into our discussion on Healthy and Every Size and Trauma Influenced Weight Lifting. I thoroughly enjoyed having her on the podcast so grab a beer and enjoy!

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