A2Z No BS Episode 29: Getting Wide and Thicc in a post-injury world

Good morning and welcome back! This week Zack and I are checking back into Fat Bottom Brewing in the nations and talking about eating and training. After months of healing, we’re both on the mend and ready to get back into the swing of things training-wise. Sidelined for most of the summer, we’ve been exploring movement again, slowly ramping things back up for what we hope is a productive fall and winter of #gains. I intend on getting as fat beefcake as possible, upping my caloric intake in new and interesting ways, and I talk about why I’ve chosen this goal, and what it looks like on the day-to-day. Zack has been cleared to exercise to tolerance after his broken leg earlier this year, and we discuss what that might look like this fall as well. Grab a beer, a slice of my quite literal beef cake (I made it for breakfast; it’s not good) and enjoy!

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