A2Z No BS Episode 32: Andy’s Bananas

Good morning and welcome back! This week Zack and I are checking back into Czann’s brewing in the Nations and we’re talking data. Over the years, fitness has expanded from simple step counters to a whole slew of new gadgets, wearables, and data-monitoring systems. Ostensibly, with more data related to sleep, stress, heart rate, and VO2max, we can be better coaches and trainees and improve the quality of our lives and our workouts. But while this information can be really useful, Zack and I argue that it could also get in the way, and instead our over-reliance on metrics and data might actually hinder our progress. Next, we talk about the lifestyle of a coach and some of our experiences over the past few years with our Nashville-based colleagues. And lastly, what the fitness industry looks like and how it may evolve over the coming years. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 32

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