a2z no BS Episode 38: dissecting the deadlift

Good morning and welcome back! Zack and I are back at Fat Bottom Brewing talking about, of all things, the moon and dad rock. Whether or not you wanted to learn about the moon and how it came to be, or whether you believe a rock band can keep its name even after members come and go, you’re in for a real treat regarding obscure side interests. Fear not! We do actually talk fitness and this week we’re tackling the deadlift. Since we have already discussed the squat, we wanted to do a deep dive into the deadlift and all the nuances: what is is, how we coach it, different variations and all the goodies around training and coaching arguably the king of all exercises. If you’re into deadlifting and want to learn more, grab a beer (of course) and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep. 38

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