A2Z No BS Episode 40: Bulking on a Budget and the Yin/Yang of Rest

Good morning and welcome back to the podcast! Zack and I are posted up at Czann’s Brewing in west Nashville drinking beers and talking training. If you’ve been listening for awhile, you know that I’m actively trying to gain some weight. To do so, I’ve been trying to eat an inordinate amount of food – so much food that I’m rarely hungry and honestly hate to eat sometimes. It’s a lot. But for the sake of putting on more muscle mass, you have to feed it. So we discuss the ins and outs of adding calories throughout your day to try and pack on some mass, and how to do it in a quick, healthy, and sustainable way. Moving along…although most of us like to “move with purpose,” or keep things moving along with our workouts (maybe to avoid all the pain?). But short cutting your rest periods between sets could have detrimental effects to your workouts and your progress. So Zack and I take a pause and talk about resting, how to approach it, and when it’s really necessary to stretch out those rest breaks. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 40

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