A2Z No BS Episode 49: When the Going Gets Tough

Good morning and welcome back! In an effort to round out 50 episodes in 2021, Zack and I are coming to you from his apartment on a Friday afternoon. This is a deviation from our usual watering hole of Czann’s Brewing, but the show must go on! This week, Zack and I are chatting about difficult clients and our experience coaching them. Now, please note that we’re not complaining about difficult clients, but rather discussing some of the roadblocks we’ve encountered and how we’ve worked through them. Our jobs as coaches is to guide our clients to their goals quickly, safely, and effectively. Sometimes, whether a mismatch in personality or a communication breakdown, this doesn’t go so smoothly. So today we talk about those issues, how we work through them, or how we might move forward next time. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 49

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