A2Z No BS Episode 54: Sergeant Blackbird and Conscious Coaching

Good morning and welcome back to the show! Zack and I are sipping some new beers at Czanns and, like many podcast days, we start off with one topic and completely forget about it! Instead, we dive down the rabbit hole of what it means to be a “good” coach – what that looks like; our behaviors; our language; and how we carry ourselves in the gym. Because, to be honest, coaching sets, reps, volume, intensity, and exercise selection is both an art and science, and one that takes many years to develop. But beyond that, being a coach that people respect, admire, or just want to hang out with?…that’s a whole other ball game and one that takes years and thousands of hours of coaching to develop and refine. Grab a beer and enjoy as we peel back the curtains on who we are as coaches.

A2Z No BS Ep 54

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