A2Z No BS Episode 53: Chef Bro-ardee

Good morning and welcome back! Zack and I are checking in from Czann’s Brewing and today we’re talking about food. In the realm of fitness we often start our journey in one of two ways – we start watching what we eat and make sure to pack our days full of veggies and protein, and eventually add in some fitness here and there; or, we start slinging weights like maniacs with little regard for healthy eating until later in life. Such is the case for Zack and me: our journey to fitness professional started mostly with weight training before we ever considered how important nutrition was. In today’s episode, we reminisce about our childhoods and the foods we enjoyed; how over many years and well into adulthood we’ve discovered the joy of cooking; and how we’ve evolved in the kitchen over the years. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 53

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