A2Z No BS Episode 62: Star-Spangled Swings and Training Updates

Good morning and welcome back! Today Zack and I are enjoying some dark beers and discussing some important changes we’re making: given the crisis in the Ukraine, we’re not longer calling exercises “Russian” anything. Instead, we’re renaming and re-branding; a critical change since Zack has a brand new YouTube series out on the kettlebell swing! If you’re looking to clean up your swings, swing on over to YouTube and check it out. Next, after a year of recovery Zack and I are both back to full swing in the gym post-injury. Well, for the most part – my other shoulder is going bad, and in an effort to avoid the surgical knife this year, I’ve pivoted my training to accommodate the shoulder and continue improving my fitness. Lastly, we discuss fitness as a passion; fitness as an identity; and fitness as a career and what that looks and feels like for each of us. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep. 62

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