A2Z No BS Episode 77: Is that a Caber in your Pocket? Drinking beer and Throwing Hammers with Highland Games Athlete and PT, Willis Graves

Good morning and welcome back! After 26 episodes on the year, Zack and I took a well-deserved week off to rest and recover. We come back from the break with a special guest: Willis Graves. Willis is a local physical therapist and Highland Games athlete, and he joins us today to talk shop. There are ball sports: football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and others. There are barbell sports like Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting. Zack and I have had our share of experience in both, but we’ve never tried a lifting sport like the Highland Games, and this is where Willis comes in to school us. The Highland Games as a sport can be traced back centuries, well before our modern version of weightlifting was even an idea. Originally from Ireland and crossing the pond to Scotland, it’s a sport steeped in tradition. Willis joins us today to talk about the sport, the major lifts involved, how he incorporates and traditional strength training to improve his performance. Of course, Zack and I jump at the opportunity to talk shop with a seasoned veteran of a lifting sport we know nothing about, and Willis delivers. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep. 77

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