A2Z No BS: Episode 7

Another snowy day in Nashville and yet we’re back with beers in hand! You might see Zack and me and think we’re a couple meatheads: bending bars, swinging kettlebells, eating chicken and broccoli out of tupperware, and you’d be kinda right. While weight training comes second nature to us, the nutrition side of things has been a delayed addition to our lives. Sure, we can eat, and we’re good at it. But cooking, for ourselves or others, was a late addition for us both: not becoming an integral part of our daily lives until our early 30s. And that’s ok! Curating a lifestyle of exercise and nutrition is a process, one that takes practice and devotion over time. Zack and I discuss how we view cooking, healthy nutrition, and training in a larger lifestyle context. Next, we revisit healthy habits from a few weeks back. Unfortunately, Zack isn’t moving from his chair and I didn’t start flossing. Sorry. But we have picked up some other habits and we discuss what those look like. Enjoy!

A2Z No BS: Ep. 7

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