A2Z No BS: Episode 8

Hey, folks! After a week vacation in the beautiful Salt Lake City, our friend and my co-host Zack is back, and oh boy does he have a story to tell. Part business trip, part ski trip, Zack left with excitement and 206 intact bones and came back with 204. He set out to test the durability of his shin bones and suffice to say, the ski lift pole won. He feels good and all things considered, he had a wonderful time. I yank his leg about it but he’s a good sport, and tells us all about it. That wasn’t all he did out there: Zack was able to meet up and lift weights with fitness juggernaut and industry veteran, Dan John. Dan has been coaching clients and athletes of all ages and abilities for decades. He’s well established, has several books, does regular speaking engagements, and despite all the accolades and success, he remains humble and will gladly take in any coach for a workout and hangout if you ask. Zack and I have been fanboys for years. Zack tells us about hanging out and working out with Dan, and some of the other stuff he enjoyed about SLC. Enjoy!

A2Z No BS: Ep. 8

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