A2Z No BS Episode 9: Ins and Outs of Strength Training, Fat Loss, and getting beach-ready by Summer

Is that smell the combination of man musk and the sweet scent of spring? You betcha! As the rain falls, flowers bloom, and the weather warms, we’re all finding our way outdoors and a little more active. Some of us might even be thinking about summer and how we want to look and feel as the temperature rises and the amount of clothing we wear falls. Which got Zack and I talking: if we’ve been cultivating some strength and muscle mass (and in my case, a little fat) over the winter months, what should we start doing if we want to show off all that hard work by summer time? Today, we tackle the two-pronged approach to looking your best by beach season: lifting weights and watching what you eat. We talk the hows, whys, and dos/don’ts of exercise and nutrition so you can look, feel, and perform your best at the beach, back yard bbq, or while showing off your extremely short shorty-shorts. Sky’s out thighs out, baby!

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