A2Z No BS Ep. 10: The Biggest Bang for you Buck Exercises

Good morning and welcome back! This week, I tease Zack about how small his broken leg will get with time, so join me in laughing as Zack measures his thigh girth live on the podcast. While we like to joke, sometimes we do talk fitness. Sometimes, even, we change our minds about certain fitness approaches, and we start with challenging old beliefs. Next, while there are thousands of exercises out there to choose from, and all of them come with benefits and costs, there are a few that Zack and I find to be the “king” in terms of checking the most boxes for the most people. Now, we’re not saying all other exercises aren’t as good or cool or as worthy of attention, but if we had to choose, we choose our biggest bang-for-your-buck squat, hinge, push, pull, carry and locomotion patterns that we use in the gym. We reason through why’s, how’s, and what’s of our selections, effectively giving you some “big rocks” to start with on your fitness journey. Enjoy!

A2Z No BS Episode 10

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