A2Z No BS Episode 18: “It Depends” and whether the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Good morning! Zack and I are back. Ya know what grinds my gears? Reductionist and intellectually lazy fitness advice. While social media loves soundbites, tweets, or memes, they’re largely unhelpful or possibly damaging. Nothing in fitness or nutrition is black and white: it is grey, nuanced…”it depends” as we say. It depends on who we’re talking about, what we’re talking about, and the application of the subject matter, and Zack and I chat about it. Next, for every Mr. Olympia; for every Olympic gold medalist; for every power lifting champion competing at the highest level of physical achievement possible, there are thousands of us “mere mortals” who pursue our own upper limits of physical potential. What does it look like to chase down bigger weights, more miles, or more muscle? For every goal line we cross, whether it’s greater strength or more muscle, there’s a new goal post just yonder to strive for. What will it take to reach it? How far away is it? How long will we have to work for it? And is this never-ending pursuit for more juice worth the squeeze? Zack and I dive in and chat about reaching one’s ultimate, optimal best. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 18

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