A2Z No BS Episode 17: Unconventional Tools talk Unconventional Training Tools

Good morning and welcome back to A2Z No BS! We’re back at our new watering hole, Bold Patriot Brewing, where I got a head start on beers and Zack joined me to chat with part owner of the business, Papa, about Revolutionary War history. Bold Patriot has a delicious lineup of beers, and each one is named after a patriot who played a role during the war. Zack and I thoroughly enjoyed our history lesson with Papa before sitting down to chat some fitness. This week we talk about unconventional training tools. When you think of the gym and the equipment you use there, you often think of barbells, dumbbells, benches, machines, and plates. But there are many other tools at our disposal to help drive a training effect, like kettlebells, sandbags, farmer’s bars, tires, ropes, sleds, and yokes. These “unconventional tools” are less often found in your typical gym, which is a shame because they offer so many different benefits to your training. Zack and I talk about these tools, why we like them and how we use them with our clients and our own workouts, and some of the unforeseen benefits of adding these tools to your weekly rotation. Plus, a chance encounter with Dana Linn Bailey at Gym 5. Enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 17

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