A2Z No BS Episode 19: the Devil is in the Details

Good morning! Zack and I are back at Bold Patriot Brewing drinking beers and talking fitness. What does it mean to be coached or be coachable? Zack and I are both coaches, and even though we have the tools, resources, and knowledge to write our own workout programs, we have each hired coaches in the past. There are a number of benefits to outsourcing our own coaching, and we each describe the things we learned from our respective experiences. Next, there are a handful of popular programs by famous coaches out there. Zack and I talk about our experiences running ourselves through these programs and what we learned along the way, while picking out some commonalities that many successful workout programs share. Let’s call them “training secrets” that aren’t so secret, and attention ought to be paid to the devil in the details. Grab a beer and enjoy!

A2Z No BS Ep 19

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