A2Z No BS Episode 21: Special guest Tania Lopez on Content Creation, Curating the “FitPro,” and our Coaching Evolution

Hey, gang! Zack and I each took a week away for some R&R but we’re back, feeling fresh, and ready to podcast! This week we host Tania Lopez, a strength coach and fitness enthusiast right here in Nashville. We start today by discussing content creation: what we put out on the interwebz to try and help our clients and fellow coaches make sense of all this fitness stuff. Each of us has our own approach and ultimate goals with our content, and we compare and contrast how and what we produce and share. We revisit the idea of the “ideal fitness professional” and how we each interpret that image, how we reconcile it personally, or how we approach our own curated image of fitness professional in our online and in-person businesses. Next we discuss training and how we’ve evolved or changed our approach over the years and why, and finally, “nobody cares.” Grab a beer and enjoy!

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