A2Z No BS Episode 60: Break the Rules

Hello and welcome back! After a long weekend of debauchery in Vegas, where I got to play like an adult in a lawless land, Zack and I come to Czann’s to talk about play. Specifically, how we can incorporate play into our sessions with clients. I’m all for hard, boring training most days. After all, that’s how you get results. But I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes this can be very boring; and it can be especially boring for those of us who don’t love to train like Zack and I do. So how can we make it both hard work, sets and reps and rest, and incorporate some fun? And lastly, strength training has a set of rules or guidelines and, for the most part, it’s important to follow them. Or at the very least, respect them. Once you know and respect them, go on and break the rules! Throw a little anarchy in the mix sometimes, and see how it plays out. Grab a beer and enjoy this one folks!

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