A2Z No BS Episode 81: Choosing “Best” vs. “Optimal”

Good morning and welcome back! Today, Zack and I are trying out some new hardware with our podcast in an effort to continue improving the user experience! When it comes to choosing the right exercise, training program, or diet, we’re always looking for that “magic bullet” or “best” this or that in an effort to get results fast. Unfortunately, what’s “best” for some might not be best for others. Instead, we’re focusing on “optimal.” When it comes to improving your fitness and nutrition, we like to think of ways to optimize what we’re already doing. By choosing the “optimal” approach, we can choose the right tools and strategies for the individual, as opposed to choosing a one-size-fits-all “best” approach. By optimizing at the individual level, we can take into account unique goals and needs, schedule conflicts, personalities and personal preferences, experience, injury history, and whole slew of other important factor. By choosing “optimal” we can choose the right approach for you and yield positive results and user experience. Grab a beer and enjoy!

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